I had a magical time at the apmas last night! Loved seeing lots of my friends and people who I call friends but really aren’t. Oh yeah I met MGK in the middle of a street too and he’s absolutely lovely. Also ran into some cute band in a van at the twins burg sheetz lol. And as always All Time Low are the biggest sweethearts in the world. And they all deserve sainthood. Just saying.

On a side note, just wanna say though it was really nice seeing an artist give their award up to a fan, it doesn’t change how much of an ass they are in real life. It is what it is, a SHOW. Unless I was given that award personally, nothing has changed my opinion. I wish I could but some things just cut really deep. Also it was very therapeutic to throw out comments about “creeping” and “hovering” any time he came within a 40 ft radius of me ( which ironically was a few times).